Delhi Police Shows Mirror To People Breaking Traffic Rules, Gets Praised For Innovative Idea


Road safety is a very serious concern nowadays as every year many people lose their lives in road accidents and what is more surprising is the fact that people know that by not following traffic rules, they are risking their own lives but still they avoid rules.

The traffic police of many states have been trying to educate people about the traffic rules by coming up with creative ideas and also by using social media for this purpose. However, still we can see people not following some basic rules, such as wearing helmets while riding two-wheeler or wearing seat belt while driving four wheelers.

Delhi Police has started a new campaign to educate and make people aware about road safety by showing them a mirror, literally.

A video has been posted on the official Twitter handle of Delhi Police in which a cop is seen wearing a helmet and showing a mirror to those who have been breaking rules. Along with the mirror, the policeman is also showing placards with messages related to road safety. The main motive of this campaign is to encourage people to wear helmets.

Watch The Video:

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Till the time the article was written, the video had been viewed for more than 50K times and the tweet was retweeted for over 1000 times.

People are praising Delhi Police for coming up with a unique, innovative, creative and wonderful idea for promoting road safety. Here are some selected reactions:












We appreciate the efforts of Delhi Police and hope that people will now be more cautious regarding their own safety.


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