DDCA Secretaries Wants BCCI To Expel Pro-Lodha Officials In Unit

It has been learnt the letter has been written to the BCCI at the behest of DDCA President Sneh Bansal.
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New Delhi: The letter written to BCCI President Anurag Thakur by joint secretaries Subhash Sharma and Dinesh Sharma names Chetan Chauhan, Siddharth Verma, Salil Seth, Surya Prakash Sharma, Ajay Sharma, Ashok Sharma, Vikas Katyal as seven DDCA directors, who have moved “Delhi High Court seeking urgent implementation of Lodha Committee recommendations”.

The letter states:”Needless to say acts of Chetan Chauhan and his team of seven minority group is an act of gross indiscipline and we demand strict action against individuals who despite being incumbent directors of association have “indulged in anti-BCCI activities and are guilty of conduct which is likely to endanger the harmony and effect the stability or interest of DDCA, such members should liable for expulsion from the association.”

It has been learnt that the letter has been written at the behest of president Sneh Bansal.

When Chauhan was asked, he said: “These people don’t know what they are writing. It is immature of them to write such things. Our issue is not about implementation of reforms but about how DDCA has been run since end January 2014.”

Without naming Bansal, Chauhan again spoke about the allegations of financial impropreity against the DDCA president.

“I will not allow the association to go into wrong hands so long as I am in the association. There is a person against whom there has been allegations of financial irregularities. It’s funny those who had made the allegations then have now joined hands,” said Chauhan.

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