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David Beckham Proved That A Simple T-Shirt can also be STYLISH

If we had to name one most essential thing in a man’s wardrobe, that would surely be a simple plain t-shirt. Yes, you heard that perfectly right. The trend nowadays is that less is more and a solid colored plain t-shirt does that to perfection. The capacity of a crew neck plain t-shirt to match and combine with any kind of bottom wear makes it a clear favorite and the most wearable piece of clothing available out there.

To tell you more about how just a plain t-shirt can make you look super stylish, we got David Beckham to show you how it’s done.

Starting with monochromes, a white t-shirt with black jeans and boots.


Or going all black will do the trick for you. Make sure the fit is perfect! Not a size big or small.


The most common outfit combination of a white t-shirt and blue jeans will never make your look dull. Keep switching your footwear. Whether you wear boots or sneakers, the outfit is bound to look good.


Go smart casual with a t-shirt. Wear a dark coloured tee over a pair of bright coloured chinos and add boots or sneakers as footwear to accentuate the look.


David Beckham gave us a perfect outfit to make a dull grey t-shirt lively. He wore it with tapered charcoal black jeans and added suede long top boots to make the outfit super stylish.


Mr. Beckham makes a t-shirt look trendy with sweatpants and shorts too. He makes sure to add accessories like a cap or skull cap to spice up the look. And, don’t miss out the shoes there!


While Beckham can make regular coloured t-shirts look really good in his outfits, he wears colours like blue, pink or dark grey with supreme class as well.

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