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5 Unusual Ice-Cream Flavours Found In Your City That You Must Try Right Now!

Right from the time we were kids, we’ve grown up with the idea of celebrating our little victories with something sweet. And as much as we’d love to binge on desi sweat-meats, there’s one really yummy treat none of us have really grown out of – Ice-Cream.

We’re wondering why ice-creams haven’t been declared as man’s new “best friends” yet. They’ve been your companion on days when you’ve sulked through your break-up, whined through your sucky boss’s tantrums and helped you with that painful tooth extraction. No, we won’t judge you for having a tub of ice-cream in your fridge at this age. But if you’re a true ice-cream enthusiast, haven’t you ever thought of experimenting with new flavours and not just stick to the classic flavours – chocolate/vanilla?

We’ve curated a list of absolutely bizarre ice-cream flavours and we dare you to try them!

Bacon and Olive Oil Ice-cream

Cherry Tea Cakes
Cherry Tea Cakes

This flavour is every meat lover’s dream! This beauty is available at Marriot’s Mezzo Mezzo in Mumbai and is highly recommended to people who like their breakfast to be a dessert.

Guava Glory


This one’s pure nostalgia. Waiting for the last bell to ring, running towards the chacha who’d eagerly wait to serve you the tangiest guavas sprinkled with spicy mirch powder. Lip-smacking! Find this nostalgia-in-a-cone flavour at Apsara Ice-cream, Walkeshwar.

Masala Chai Ice-cream


When was the last time someone told you – Hey! Here’s your ice-cold masala chai stuck on a stick? Well, Bombay Canteen does. The next time you visit, make sure you take a sip, oops, a lick of this beauty.


Meetha Pan Ice-Cream

Dairy Don
Dairy Don

This is a dessert+mouth freshener, a match made in heaven! Also, how many ice-creams have the power to leave behind a pleasant after-taste? Grab this at one of your nearest Dairy Don outlets.


Baskin Robbin’s Clove Candy Crunch Ice-Cream


Yes. You read that right. Baskin Robbins has introduced a limited edition ‘clove’ flavour that’s strongly recommended this season. What’s so special you ask? Well, picture this – you have extremely sensitive teeth. So much, that one lick can give you more than a minute’s agony. All you have to do is, use Colgate’s newly introduced Sensitive toothpaste with Clove. Fix that sensitivity problem and get back to eating BR’s Clove Candy Crunch flavoured ice-cream again because you have nothing to lose now, amirite? And who wouldn’t want to re-visit the summers at nani’s house where she’d give you ghar ke nuske for every little problem you had?


Also, when was the last time your mom said – “Beta, wo clove flavour wali ice-cream khayi kya?

#ICloveIt, don’t you too? We’re totally winning as adults! Go grab your pack of Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste from your nearest store and get back home with your tub of BR’s Clove ice-cream and spend the evening in absolute bliss! Thank us later maybe?

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