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Can You Guess Whom Prince Harry Asked To Perform at Royal Wedding?

After getting engaged the couple is all set to prepare for their marriage. They have not yet prepared the guest list but they are actually deciding some of the things which will surely make their marriage memorable. Have Prince Harry and Meghan Markle hired Ed Sheeran as their wedding singer? The engaged the couple has asked the two-time Grammy winner to play out “a couple of songs” at their wedding on May 19. However, the British singer has not yet reacted to or confirmed the news.





Three Months Before The Big Day


With just three months to go for the big wedding day for the royal couple, the British royal and former Suits Actor are busy finalising details for their wedding at Windsor castle.

The Wedding Services


Kensington Palace announced on February 11th about the wedding service to start at noon on May 19th at St. George’s Chapel.

Marriage Rituals


All the rituals of the wedding are to be carried out by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Ride back To The Castle


After all the rituals and the wedding party, the newlywed couple will take a carriage ride through Windsor Town back to the Castle. Click Next.

Opportunity To Come Together


The Couple hopes this short journey will be an opportunity for the people to come together around Windsor so that they can enjoy the atmosphere of this special day.

The Wedding Reception


The wedding reception will be held at St. George’s Hall which will be followed by a private party for the close friends and family hosted by Harry’s father Prince Charles.

Prince Harry To Personally Invite Ed Sheeran


Prince Harry has asked Ed to perform at their wedding to Meghan Markle in London on May 19th. Prince Harry has personally requested for the performance. Click Next.

Ed Friends With Harry’s Cousin


There have been speculations that the ‘Shape of You’ singer is friends with Harry’s cousin Princess Beatrice. He would be asked to perform at the Royal Couple’s Wedding.

Open For Invitations?


The singer Ed Sheeran when asked about the performance at the Royal wedding at end of last year, he seemed open for the invitation but has not confirmed anything yet.

Member Of The Order Of The British Empire


Ed Sheeran was made a member of the order of the British Empire by Harry’s father Prince Charles. When asked to join and perform at the wedding he said: “Yeah, why not?.”

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