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Can You Find The Love Of Your Life While Messing On Twitter??

Every now and then, a story comes along that makes you believe something is meant to be. Like how Lila Apostolou asked a stranger on Twitter to pretend to be her husband as a joke. Lila Apostolou was in a desperate bid to make use of her plus one invite for her sister’s wedding three years ago. And something happened unexpected. Read the article to know the complete story. This story will make you believe that love is out there for everyone.

When all it started…


In 2014, Back and Lila met on Twitter, they started following each other on Twitter after Lila jokingly posted a tweet that she is looking for a date for her sister’s wedding.

Then the tweet happened


Unexpectedly one of the guys named Phil replied on the dating tweet. Lila pretended that She wanted to marry Phil. When she looks back the way she jokingly flirted, she feels embarrassed.

They met for the first time


It was fun, and of course, it was not real so he didn’t attend the wedding, but they met for the first time soon after her sister’s wedding.

Phil proposed her


They spent time together and started falling for each other, after a certain period they started living together. One day Phil surprisingly proposed her on a wet Welsh beach. Click on the next page to know what happened next.

A big day in their life!


They got married at a small register office, celebrated their big day. But like said in a tweet they didn’t get married at an altar!

She tweeted again!


It was soon after their wedding day that her mind returned to that portentous Twitter conversation from before they met. Messing about online while packing for their honeymoon, She realized they had got married almost three years ago the day after they’d joked about it.

Her tweet…


So she did what anyone would do and quote-tweeted it with the addition, “Almost exactly three years later, I can say… Reader, I married him.”

Phil is adorable


It got some retweets and likes, then more, then a lot more. They were bemused, was this tweet actually “doing numbers”? He shrugged, they carried on packing. You won’t believe what happened next, click on the next page to know.

They went popular


A short while later, I looked at my Twitter notifications and actually yelped; J.K. Rowling had retweeted it to her millions of followers. O.M.G. They were contacted by media outlets for their love story, like newspapers, radio stations, tv shows, viral news sites and women’s magazines from all over the world.

Anything can happen on social media


A few days later she got to know they had appeared in over 100 articles in more than 23 languages. Their tweet that went viral clocked in at an impressive 5.6 million impressions alone. The story tells you can find love in the strangest of places. Even when you’re arsing on Twitter.

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