This Is How You Can Get Rid Of Dumb Default iPhone Apps


If you are an iPhone user, you surely have some annoying and useless apps sticking around in your phone. But, now, humankind has devised a way to get rid of them. This technique will surely make your life simpler, and you may thank us later! Via Buzzfeed

Annoying it is for the likes of us when apps stick around

If you like to keep your home screen organized, this is definitely for you. via

You’re lucky with iOS 9 or newer

If you own an iPhone that runs iOS 9 or above, then you are the fortunate one. A Youtube user videosdebarraquito has discovered a way to make those silly apps disappear. via

Put the app in a folder

If it doesn’t already exist in one, put the app in a folder. In order to create a folder, press and hold an app icon and then drag it over another app icon. via

Now, open the folder

And, press and hold on the unwanted app until it jiggles. via

Then, drag the app to the next page in the folder

Two dots at the bottom indicate you are on the second page in the folder. via

Repeat the previous step to push the app farther away to the third page

We couldn’t get the app to disappear by pushing it to the second page, so we had to go one step further in the process. You may check for yourself. Now, when you are on the third page, drag the app to the right and press the home button. You just bid adieu to that crap. via

The surprise part

The app would appear when you search for it. So, this could, in turn, be a way to hide some secret app on your phone. But, one warning. Once you restart your phone, the apps would reappear. Consider never shutting down your phone. via

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