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Briana Considering Adoption For Stella

Briana DeJesus is a mother of two daughters, lately, she has been involved in a romantic spree with her co-star’s baby daddy Javi Marroquin. Things are going really great between Briana and Javi, then suddenly Briana shocked everyone with her thoughts. In a recent update from the show, we got to know that Briana is thinking of giving Stella up for adoption, why? Read the article to know the reason….

Briana is a mother of two daughters!


Briana is a mother of two daughters Nova whose baby daddy is Devon Austin and Stella who baby daddy is Luis. Briana is taking care of her daughters without the help of the baby daddies.

Briana is not alone at home…


Briana lives with her mother Roxanne and sister Brittany DeJesus, so it is safe to say that she is not taking care of her kids alone. Then why would she even think about giving Stella up for adoption?

Briana had struggled a lot as a teenager.


When you are just a teenager, having an unexpected pregnancy can be a real trouble sometimes. Briana has experienced this situation and it was not easy for her. Briana DeJesus was added to the Teen Mom 2 cast after finding herself with her second unexpected pregnancy.

Not every teenager is capable of raising a kid on her own, some look for other options!


Briana said “I feel like I’m stopping myself because Luis is already hesitant. So maybe I should say f–k Luis and go down this path as far as I can go. I feel like if I can’t give this baby everything why am I going to keep her?” Are Briana’s reasons valid? Who helped her out of this trauma? Find out on Next Page….

Briana is not the first one to think about adoption in the Teen Mom show!


Catelynn and Tyler had a daughter named Carly when they were just teenagers, so they had to give up their daughter Carly for adoption as they were not in their legal age, and incapable to take care of her.

Briana seeks help from Catelynn to find out what it’s like to choose adoption. Did Briana really decide to put Stella up for adoption?


Briana asked Catelynn and Tyler, “I just wanted to talk about the situation that you guys went through with an adoption. I’m looking to go down that route, but I don’t know.” Cate said, “It was hard for us, too, but we did it because it’s only going to educate people. Only 1% of girls even… use adoption; you know, it’s nobody.” Catelynn gave Briana some amazing advise, find out on Next Page…

Catelynn and Tyler invited Briana into the house for a private chat.

Cate explained to Briana, “You should know all of your options!” Briana stayed at their house for some more time, Catelynn then advised Briana, “Good luck with everything, take care of yourself. Stand up for yourself.” Briana all motivated left their house and said: “It was actually really good.”

Briana feels really motivated to take care of her own kids on her own!


Briana said “It was a tough decision, It’s my baby! I tell myself ‘No matter what will happen, she’s going to have me, and I’ll do whatever I can for her even if I’m by myself.”

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