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Breaking News! CR7 Influenced Three Eminent Players To Not Sign For Real Madrid!


Cristiano Ronaldo has influenced and inspired the world to never give on your dreams. Well, with help of social media, he has skyrocketed Nike’s sales. But now the allegations of influencing the star players to not sign for Real Madrid is him on now! What really happened? Read the full story to discovered that…

Cristiano Ronaldo left Madrid for the $114 Million deal


Many of the fans were unhappy by his decision. But in the interview, he had conveyed that it was a dream for him to play for the club and now he is living the dream! We hope that he plays the second half of his life for Juventus and not change the club!

But amid his rape case, there are some more different allegations against him!


We all know that it’s been years and the case have not come to any decision yet. But now there is one more allegation that he has influenced three-star players to not sign the Real Madrid! Who are the three-star players? Let’s go one by one!

Paul Pogba


According to Skysports, Juventus director conducted a meeting with Machester employer related to the swap deal between Paul Pogba and Joao Cancelo. But we all know that Paul’s dream is to play with Real Madrid! And as CR7 is involved in the negotiation, there are reports that he has influenced Pogba to join Juventus!

Matthijs de Ligt, Ajex Defender!


Matthijs de Ligt said that the Portuguese star had asked him to join the club after the UEFA Finals. According to reports, Juventus had beat the record of paying the player more than offered by PSG.

And the last one!


Cristiano Ronaldo apparently ensured that young Portuguese teammate chooses Juventus over Atletico Madrid over Real Madrid! According to Goal, “Joao Felix will have a €350m release clause at Atletico Madrid”. Apart from the controversy, let’s look over his exotic life!

And that’s the same!


Exotic life and wife are synonymous to him. The Juventus Star is enjoying his exotic vacation with his family and friends. During his stay, he paid approximately €20,000 to the hotel staff to keep paparazzi away from the family.

The latest photo on his Instagram says a lot about him!


CR7 wrote, “We made history ⚽️🏀🥇”. Well, there’s no doubt. Micheal Jordan and Cristiano Ronaldo have reached the epitome in their field. Ronaldo has won five-time Ballon d’Or winner and Jordan is six times NBA champion and arguably the best player!

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