Bowler Turns 360 Degree Before Delivering The Ball. Umpire Cancelled The Delivery. Watch Video


Cricket is a game full of wonders and wonderful players. Normally we stay busy watching the game of international players but even domestic players are no less entertainers.

Recently during a domestic game between the state teams of Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, a UP bowler did something which has left all the cricket lovers in confusion.

The bowler named Shiva Singh was a part of UP’s under 19 team. While bowling, he threw a big surprise as just before delivering the ball he turned 360 degrees. This left everyone including the batsman confused and the umpire had to declare it a d*ad ball.

The video is all over the Internet now and even veteran cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi shared it on Twitter. Calling the bowler “Weirdo”, he shared the video with his followers. Have a look below-

Click Here to watch the video on Twitter.

Here’s how people reacted to the video-









Don’t you think it’s really crazy?


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