Big Brother Stars, Jessica Graf And Cody Nickson Get Married!


Cody and Jessica Relationship!


The couple now were introduced to each other on the season 19 of Big brother’s show. Well, the couple were here to win the whopping amount But in the race, no one knew that both will hit their hearts off. But if you’re the fan of the show then you know it’s not the first couple to fall in love.

Cody’s cute proposal!


The reality TV stars got engaged on February 13. And the whole thing was caught up on camera. In the video, he said, “I’m running to get ahead of Jessica. She’s going up Runyon Canyon right now. I’m gonna meet her at the top of the hill and propose,”.

Look over the beautiful ring!


The way Cody proposed Jessica was just out of the world. In an interview one of the magazines, he revealed that his close friends   Mark Jansen, Elena Davies who are much in love will be invited to the wedding. Well, the ring is just incredible and exquisite.

Jessica is already pregnant!


Jessica got pregnant with his paramour Cody. She posted on Instagram, “ignore our dirty mirror! We were too genuinely happy to care because this photo was taken moments after we discovered that we were pregnant!!” That’s their first child together as she already has one from the previous relationship.

Their Joint Bachelor party!


The couple wants to do something different. So they came with the idea of a joint-venture bachelor-bachelorette party. They invited their friends to South Beach in Miami, Florida. The group spent the day at the beach in Miami, relaxing in cabanas and working on their tans.

What Jessica tells about the show?


Jessica was evicted from the show but she said something vulnerable about the show to the sources, “The house is a pressure cooker and some of the fights we had were genuinely unnecessary so our relationship was definitely tested and unfortunately arguments in the house are public”

Finally, they got married!


The 27 years old bride married Cody on 14th October. Well, the best thing about the wedding was that her daughter Paisley served as a flower girl. Isn’t it cute? The other good news that they got million dollars as they are the winner of The Amazing Race Season 30!

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