Barack Obama Says Decisions on Olympics Hosting Right a Little 'Cooked'

The 2016 Olympics was hosted by Ride Janeiro. Chicago also bid for the Games.


President Barack Obama has suggested that decisions on who hosts the Olympics are corrupt, in a wide-ranging interview that touched on Chicago’s failed 2016 bid.

In an interview published late Sunday, Obama recalled his 2009 travel to Copenhagen in a failed effort to get his adopted home city across the finishing line.

“Everybody thought that if I flew out there we had a good chance of getting it, and it might be worth essentially just taking a one-day trip,” Obama told New York magazine.

“Subsequently, I think we’ve learned that IOC’s decisions are similar to FIFA’s decisions: a little bit cooked,” he said comparing the International Olympic Committee to football’s scandalized governing body.

The loss for Chicago was seen as a political blow for Obama.

Rio eventually emerged from a crowded field to win the right to host the games.

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