Kate Marilyn Moment -“Times Of India” Is Actually A Sexual Harasser In Newspaper Form

It’s been a while since the CatCallers Of India has unnecessarily attacked a woman, but fans of sexual harassment, do not despair.

That’s right. Front and centre on our nation’s most widely circulated English-language daily, in our national capital: a hint of an upskirt.


Let’s just recap for one second. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was PAYING RESPECTS TO SLAIN INDIAN SOLDIERS at the Amar Jawan Jyoti yesterday.

toi 1

Literally paying tribute to soldiers who died defending India. And, in that quiet, peaceful, somber moment, our daily distributed national toilet paper saw this.



A world where the riveting process of wind touching a woman’s skirt gets more prominent coverage than drought and police brutality against college students, both massive ongoing news stories that, I don’t know, maybe warrant some front-page attention.

While Foreign news covered like this

toi 3


toi 4

This is the difference between Negative and Positive Journalism.

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