Amul Posted The Best Congratulatory Message After India’s Win Against Australia,You Cannot Miss It.


This year opened big.The new year brought lots of appreciation and love for team India.The Indian cricket team won the test series against Australia after waiting for seventy one years.

The nation is proud of them.People all over is ecstatic,as beyond all those controversy and remarks,India achieved what they were really aiming for.

This historic win (2-1) against Australia,in their very home ground,after touring it twelve times,brought respect,love and support from all over.

Now,everyone has their own way of showering love and affection. Amul as we all know,everyone’s favorite dairy company,has it’s own witty way to show that.

Like all they are also celebrating team India’s big win.They are fun,they are smart and moreover they are the best,where witty one liners and smart posters are concerned.

So,you just cannot miss their tweet celebrating India’s historic win over the Aussies.

Here,you cannot miss the implication of these two animals though. Of course,Kangaroo is representing the Aussies and the Tiger is for us.

Check out how people reacted to it:






Isn’t this poster absolutely adorable?


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