90days Fiance Stars Nicole And Azan Splitting Up!?


Azan allegedly cheating on her!


Everything was going great between them but there comes an imbalance between them. There was a couple of proof against him.“Good morning. I’m so sleepy. But I want a kiss right now. The kiss was good. What did you dream about last night? I think you want it” A girl over the phone to Azan. But Azan denied the allegation.

The Couple called the wedding off!


Nicole believed her that the allegations on him are wrong. And they were on the edge of marrying each other. But the Azan K-1 visa was denied. The family was happy as they thought that the timing wasn’t right! But later we found that Nicole’s visa was expired, therefore she had to move back to Florida.

The wedding was called off twice!


The wedding was called off twice. Fans found something suspicious as, how can visa get denied two times? But there were personal reasons to call the wedding off. The reason was that the wedding would flush of their savings off and would lead to shortcoming!

Azan lied about the business!


Nicole gave her fiance $6000 to start the business from the nuptials money. Azan just contributed $500. But when he was asked where’s the business place he was not able to show off. But he alleged, “He doesn’t have one! He wasn’t intending to set one up. He’s milking her for all he can.” Is he fooling Nicole?

Nicole’s Mom revealed about the Azan!


I am surprised the purchasing of the store takes precedence over the wedding,” Nafziger’s mom said. “That looks suspicious. Maybe this whole store thing is Azan’s get-rich-quick scheme.” Azan is going to be gone with your money,” her Mom told her daughter. This might lead to splitting up!

No ring on Nicole’s finger!


Everybody thought they are getting married but they cleared with the idea. But a social media user something suspicious about the couple. “Nicole sighting! My sister ran into Nicole and May at a craft store. No Azan and no ring! Yes May even had the leash backpack on,”, one user wrote. But husband and wife to be cleared all the rumors.

Nicole slams the rumors by just one hashtag!


Later the day when she was found with no engagement ring, the same day she uploaded a story and write, “So blessed for my family and my new family. God has blessed me indeed.” The final shot was uploading the above picture and wrote, You add so much light to my world. I am so proud to have you in my life♥😌💕 #LoveOfMyLife #MyLove#TilTheEnd #Forever. The Love of My life was enough to tell the fans that they are going strong.

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