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90days Fiance Star, Ashley And Jay Broke UP!?

How did Ashely and Jay hit off?


It would be astounding for the people to know how did they hit up! Ashley went to Jamaica for her ”wedding” and during her stay, she went to bar where she met Jay. The bar encounter led to hookup of them! When she went back to America, Jay connected her via the social website!

The journey towards 90days fiance!


Ashley and Jay couldn’t stay away from each other! They started chatting to each other like the normal ones. But the things headed off when she visited Jamaica to meet him again! It was no more than six months Jay proposed her and they flew to the United States for the Season 6!

They broke the stereotypes!


You can clearly see that they are on fire!  They broke the stereotypes by overlooking on the age gap! Ashely,31  is 11 years older than Jay. But she thinks that he is way too mature than the age! Well, that’s a great understanding between them!

Ashley controversial life!


Ashely revealed in the first episode of the 90days fiance show that she called her both the weddings due to cheating issues. And obviously, Ashely thinks that he is mature so no issues. While on the episode Jay promises to give her “d” every day once they’re married and living together in America.

They got married!


According to their wedding registry, Jay and Ashley tied the knot on May 26 and it confirmed by the sources on Sept, 21. It was carried out in the hometown of Ashley. Ashley’s daughter Roxy served as her maid of honor, and Ashley’s gal pal Natalie from the preview trailer was one of four bridesmaids.

Is something fishy?


Ashley posted on Instagram and if someone doesn’t read the caption of it, they would find something fishy. She captions it, ” Probably the funniest meme I have seen of myself this far 😆” But Jay also pots something funny about them!

It’s Jay-back time!


The caption of jay clearly states that he walks shoulder with the shoulder in terms of humor! He wrote,” Looking like a bag of #snacksI 😍😍😍😘😘😘” But he also showed some love by posting “Women crush everyday” They look so cute and adorable together!

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