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’90 Day Fiance’ Couple Reveals Most Amazing baby News!

One of the most controversial couples on the show!


There have been many controversies on the ’90 Day Fiance’ show, but one couple that created the most controversy was of Paul and Karine. The couple had the shortest wedding in the history of the entertainment industry!

The couple had some really big issues to deal with!


Things went really rough between the two after they broke up just two weeks after their marriage. Karine explained, “Paul doesn’t respect me, doesn’t make me happy, speaks badly about my family. I decided I want a divorce. I can’t stay married to him if my family doesn’t accept the marriage. I don’t want to suffer anymore, nor make my family suffer.”

The couple recently revealed the most tragic moment of their lives!


In the video, the couple was seen discussing some really important related to Karine’s pregnancy and in one of the dialogues from the doctor, he told Karine, “Your exam came back positive.” Paul looked really troubled after hearing the news, is she having a miscarriage????

Karine suffered a major miscarriage!


Paul and Karine lost their first baby, the doctor later explained that she suffered a miscarriage because her unborn child had some abnormalities. She said, “All of this is a bad dream.”

They tried for another baby and they were successful!


Paul revealed that Karine was pregnant again by showing her baby bump, one fan immediately noticed that “Paul posted this photo on IG then deleted it! Baby bump or food baby?!”

Karine recently revealed some baby updates!


Karine was happy to reveal some amazing baby updates, she revealed, “The baby is extremely active — the baby is just bouncing around. Really hyper.” The fans were happy to know that her pregnancy was going really well this time…

She also shared some baby bump pictures!


The fans were really happy for the baby, one fan said, “She’s beautiful please be good to her I hope nothing but love n joy for u both.” While another commented saying, “God bless your baby boy and your marriage!!!!!”

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