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8 Types Of People That Exist When It Comes To Food !

Not everyone who eats or gobbles down food is a foodie. They could be hungry or starving or just enjoying that dish because they hail from that place. So we decided to list down various types of people that exist when it comes to eating. We are not talking about etiquettes or ambience but about food and what it does to them. Here are some of the ones we could come up with:

1. Survival Kit


The lowest of the low when it comes to eating anything are these folks. They would wish for a food pill instead of having to bite, chew and then swallow the food. It doesn’t matter to them the effort taken to prepare the meal. These are also those people who can gulp down heavily salted food or uncooked chapati.  That’s really low.

2. Anything Will Do


Well, another annoying category of folks who rarely give into their cravings are those who often say” Anything will do”. Thankfully they prefer food in the normal format making them slightly bearable  at a new restaurant. But, you constantly wonder when you will see them enjoying the food that they are chewing.

3. Picky Eater


It’s not the allergies that makes them be choosy about what they eat but also the fact that some of the foods served just doesn’t seem so delicious to them. They behave extremely judgy and are quite cautious when it comes to experimenting with food. They are rude in the face of the food  and that’s something a real foodie can’t handle.

4. The Snob


These are the folks, who think that they know how to make every morsel of food taste like heaven. And you wouldn’t hear the end of it, especially when the food served was actually pathetic. Honestly, this is the time you would enjoy the company of the folks who treat food like a survival kit.

5. Of And On Meat Eater


Okay, here’s the catch. We are fine if you don’t feel like eating meat or seafood, but don’t have to do it because you were told so. Be a foodie out of choice, which means if you like to try it, underlining the phrase, if you like it, then go ahead and give it a fair shot. Don’t use X-ray eyes on the food, just because you chose not to it.

6. Street Food Lover


Oh, the street food lovers are the best on the go company one can have. Actually, you should have one such friend who loves to eat on the go especially of the food carts while shopping, or buys from the hawkers in the train, and makes that face which makes you realise why food is so pleasurable.

7. Dessert Maniac


Be it the traditional Indian sweet or the rich and creamy desserts, these folks are out there chasing it and having a foodgasm. You would see their face lit up like a small kid at a candy store and the sight that one person enjoys just desserts so much restores your faith in mankind.

8. Travels For Food


Whether they are planning a trip or just the weekend, you would notice  that they have managed to list out all the places where they could eat at. Sometimes their day begins and ends with the thought of what to eat or where to eat. And that’s when you know you have met the foodie. They are also the ones we call a tolerant foodie who only criticizes when it beats the basic logic of how a dish should taste.

So which type of person are you?

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