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8 Shows that made our Childhood Amazing.



This show always kept us entertained by the comedy it served..And made our childhood awesome.Agree?

A hilarious and award-winning show about the lives of senior Sarabhai couple who are stylish and sophisticated to the core and their elder son and his wife who are taunted as middle-class and crass



A comic satire on the prevalent corruption in India. This show revolves around Mussadilal and his encounter with the corrupt people in the public offices. This show was very well received, praised for its story on unrestrained corruption and bribery that a common man has to face in his everyday life. This show has won Pankaj Kapoor numerous awards for his portrayal of Mussadilal



Although it’s not a comedy show, it was a bit different from the SAB TV’s usual programming. Nevertheless this show was a unique concept for the Indian TV. This is a story about six bewildered, dis-oriented cadets in an Indian Army academy, facing obstacles in their way, yet overcoming the challenges and stand still. It’s about the love and dedication of the youth towards the country.

Left Right Left


Shring Nring Sarvaling’ the magic spell that does it all! Farida Jalal as Dadi, is the coolest Grandmother ever! With cute Shruti Seth as Jiya, we all love and laugh how she always messes up and how the awesome Dadi always helps her out.



Mona Singh plays Jassi. She beautifully portrays Jassi’s awkwardness, her desire to be appreciated by Armaan Sir, and her vulnerability.



A show set in the backdrop of a news channel that explores relationships, aspirations and humor. The story revolves around Mohan, Meera and Vinod. Vinod is the chief editor of the company where Meera works as a chief reporter and Mohan as the junior supervisor. Vinod has a crush on Meera, Meera is married to Mohan and this secret is concealed from the world. Now it’s up to Mohan to save his wife from the flirtatious and keeping his job safe at the same time.

Yes Boss 7. DIL MIL GAYE

Star One’s one of the most popular shows Dil Mil Gaye is still remembered by us for its ensemble cast and commendable performances of the actors.



8. Hip Hip Hooray

The story is based on the lives of 12th grade students at the DeNobili High School and their adventures, their fears and hopes, and their relationships and interactions. Besides that, the story also focuses on issues pertinent for the younger generation such as dating, drugs, careers, health, exams, and causes, in a light-hearted manner.


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