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8 Mysterious On The Planet Earth That No One Should Visit!


“You will poise me with your fragnance”


Just imagine that you usher through the gate and never come back? The Poison Garden at England’s Alnwick garden will kill you with the beauty. The plants can kill if you even smell the plants.

Buford Wyoming


Buford, America’s smallest town has a population of 1 or 0. So, why do you want to visit a town where the population is just a single digit. According to Google, the current population is zero.

Izu Island, Japan


If you look over the photo, the population are wearing gas masks and looks creepy enough. Well, if they don’t, people will die here. It’s because of the constant smell of sulfur and the air containing dangerously high levels of gas. The island is abandoned now.

The Zone Of Alienation, Ukraine


This is one of the places affected by the Chernobyl incident. The radar of the area is about 18 miles and the military has ensured that no one crosses the line. While there are some people working there however a curfew is announced after 8 pm.

Snake Island in Brazil


Ilha de Queimada Grande means Snake Island. The density of the snake is about 1-5 per square meter. Most common snakes found in here are golden lanceheads which are very poisonous.

The Pacific Garbage!


The Great Pacific Garbage Trash is a massive area measuring more than 1.6 million square meters and that’s almost size of Texas. It contains chemicals, plastic bottles and every other litter you can think of! So, do you want to visit here? You can’t.

How can we forget Area 51?


I know the world is thinking about storming Area 51 on Sept. 20th but you can’t storm in as it’s a remote military practice area in the United States. Theorists believe that the United States is working on Alien technology however according to the U.S. it’s just a place of training and examination of weaponry developed.

North Sentinel Island, India!


The pristine-looking island doesn’t allow any of the intruders. If you decide to go there, you will be welcomed with their traditional weapons that will slit your body in a few seconds!

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