7 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re… Super Impatient!!

If people constantly tell you to take a chill pill and calm down, and you are constantly restless – then it appears that you are plagued with the super-impatient syndrome! If you are an impatient person, this is a list of things you can probably relate to.

1. Jumping to conclusions is your favourite hobby

You had applied to a certain organization for a coveted post. It’s already been 48 hours since you applied and they still haven’t gotten back to you. This to you means that they’ve already found someone better and they will obviously never call you back!

2. I want to know. Now.

If you’re engrossed in a TV series and on a specific day you just can’t make the time to watch one episode, you make your friend who has watched it tell you every detail about that episode. Same is the case with a book. Its super interesting and super long – and you just can’t wait for someone to spill out the ending for you.

3. You always have something or the other to say…

And when you can’t find someone close enough to spill everything out to, you find living and just plain functioning extremely hard.

4. But it can be a good thing!

Mostly because you are a do-er. You are one those people who gets things done.

5. You need the whole story.

All of it. Every bit of it together. You hate it when people tell you, “Oooh, I have something interesting to tell you, but let it be.” Seriously, either give me the whole story or nothing at all.


6. You hate slow talkers and slow everything!

Please, for the love of God, talk as if your life depended on the speed of your talking? You hate it when people take forever to get out of the house to go somewhere. Basically, “slow” is not your mojo.

7. You hate standing in lines.

Do those queues everywhere ever end???!!!

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