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7 Reasons Why Fawad Khan Is The Dream Man Of All Girls

If there is one on-screen character who typifies the word noble man, it is Fawad Khan. Be it his very hot looks or his beguiling mien, Fawad is the fantasy man of each young lady. Indeed, in the event that despite everything you aren’t persuaded, let these reasons beneath demonstrate our point and alter your opinion.

1. He has a voice that is hypnotizing!


2. He is the main man whose beard doesn’t come in the method for your adoration for him.


3. His grin will make you blush.



4. He played the terrible kid in Khuda Ke Liye and the great kid in Khoobsurat without breaking a sweat.


5. He can sing, move and play drums like a genius.


6. He can make discussions with his eyes.



7. He is a family man, who trusts in always love and heavenly marriage.


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