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7 Must to do things when you are in MUMBAI.

Welcome to the city of dreams – Mumbai or as we love calling it ‘Bombay’. One of the most vibrant cities of India, this glamorous abode of the dreamers, strugglers, celebrities and achievers has much more to offer than just dreams.

As someone has righty said that this city never sleeps but when it comes to leisure there are scores of things to do in Mumbai. Choose from an array of options: enjoy a romantic dinner on a cruise, fly high over the placid Mumbai beaches or satiate your adventure thirst by indulging in various thrilling excursions. Well, the list is long, we let you decide what you wish to do in your next trip to this city of dreams.



1. Ratnagiri

For animal lovers, there is certainly one thing near Mumbai that they would love to explore! Velas Beach located in the Ratnagiri district has gained worldwide appreciation for its turtle conservation program. The locals here have joined hands to save and protect these beautiful creatures.

Watch these little turtles steeping into life, experience and learn about their natural habitat. Live a rustic life in this coastal village, interact with locals and know more about their life. Away from hurried city life, Velas beach is certainly an ideal weekend destination.


2. Water Sports- Mandwa

Think beyond Chowpatty, the beautiful coastline of Mumbai has various other treasured beaches that are still hidden from overwhelming tourists. Mandwa beach, known for its pleasant climate and stunning waters lies within the proximity of Mumbai.

Begin your fun moments at Mandwa with a joyous ferry ride from the Gateway of India. Get ready for some thrilling adventure sports – enjoy the wavy waters with an exciting jet-ski ride, surf the wild waves, take a banana ride with friends and family. Well, the list may go on and on! Choose your favorite from the available list of things to do in Mumbai.

3. Walk In Mumbai


Unravel the vast historical treasure lying undiscovered in Mumbai. This 3 hour walk will take you through the entire journey of Bombay becoming Mumbai. Experience the colorful essence of Northern Mumbai, explore the old ‘fort’ region, take stroll through the pastoral lanes and understand ‘Early Mumbai’ days.

Take a tour of Asiatic Society Library of Mumbai, a historical place that has slowly evolved as a famous film location. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the various old lanes of Bombay hidden behind the modernization of Mumbai.


4. Local Train


The first thing that comes to mind on hearing Mumbai is Local Trains. Public transport is the pulse of this city, so while here you just cannot miss taking a ride on these treasures of Mumbai. Well, if first time then take your time, hold your breath as you try squeezing in the local train compartment.

Out of all the other things to do in Mumbai, getting on trains here is just one inevitable experience that you must get. Witness the phenomenal ‘Dabbawallas’ at Churchgate station, hop onto ‘BEST’ buses – live a life of a Mumbaikar for a day. Mesmerize with the Victorian themed architecture of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, one of the busiest railway station of the country.


5. Markets in Mumbai


Mumbai, a city that continue surprising its admirers with its charms. Be it the relishing street food or rustic lanes – every nook and corner of this city is worth giving a visit. Explore the colorful streets depicting beautiful blending of various cultures and traditions flourishing here since ages.

Admire the stunning Archetypal-Gothic architecture throughout the Crawford Market. Witness the beautiful British inspired architecture of this not-so-common fruit and vegetable market. Mangaldas is also sometimes referred as the Mecca for fashion designers, visualize fashion styles from all over the globe in one street.

Breeze in the mesmerizing aroma of the ‘Flower Gallia’ a 100 year old flower market. No matter what street you are in, every market here will fascinate you with its glory.


6.Lip-Smacking Mumbai Street Food


Mumbai and Street Food are certainly synonyms for each other. While here, you just cannot miss digging into mouthwatering street cuisine of Mumbai. Experience the best of authentic local flavors – start with the signature dish of entire Maharashtra – Vada Pav.

Satiate your spice buds with plate of luscious Bhelpuri at Chowpatty, witness the scenic sun setting behind the serene waters of Arabian Sea. After a tangy starter meal, get ready for some scrumptious Islamic cuisine.

Feel the buzz around Minara Masjid and Behndi Bazaar, get a taste of variety of meats while in these streets. You might run out of time, but not variety when it comes to street food of Mumbai.


7. Sail in Style in Mumbai


Prepare your for a vacation of your dreams! Leave your woes behind and get ready for an international sailing experience. Experience a two hour long sailing experience on an international class keelboat. Enjoy the scenic clear blue horizon as you sail over the calm waters of the Arabian Sea.

Feel the cool breeze while speeding on an amazing J24 sail boat. An experience of a lifetime, this 100 minutes ride will certainly give you a ‘Hollywood themed’ experience. Unravel the James Bond in you, with a luxury sailing excursion in Mumbai.

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