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7 Healthy Indian Snacks You Can Carry Around To Kill Your Food Cravings.

If you love to eat and get food cravings in between meals then you may not want to stuff yourself up with unhealthy food that makes you fat. Let’s admit we foodies belong to a whole another world where our hunger is beyond our control.We may avoid it for some time but even after resisting very hard we end up stuffing ourselves with junk food.

Now we can’t help our hunger but our eating habits can help us stay healthy. So here are 11 healthier indian snacks alternatives that are healthier than fatty food.

1. Chickpeas.

“Chickpeas” or “Channa” is a snack that you can eat any time in between the meals. Chickpeas are loaded with protein and it barely contains fat.

image source: food.ndtv.com

You can eat it plain or mix masala in it to make it tasty.

2. Puffed Rice.

“Puffed Rice” or “Kurmura” is a light and healthy snack. You can roast it with a little oil, salt and turmeric (Haldi) to make it tastier and eat  at any time during the day.

Puffed Rice.
image source: kittykween.wordpress.com

3. Nuts

Nuts are some super healthy snacks as they are loaded with proteins, healthy fats, several vitamins and minerals.

image source: thekindlife.com

If you find nuts boring then buy some masala nuts, we are sure that will taste a lot better.

4. Baked Snacks

Instead of jumping into fried potato chips chose Indian baked snacks like Khakhra, Ragi, Soya sticks or Nachni chips. These are lot healthier and less fatty.

Soya sticks or Nachni chips
image source: goqii.com

5. Masala Corn

Boil some corn and add spices to it according to your choice. Corn makes an excellent healthy and yummy snack.

Masala Corn
image source: youtube.com

6. Sprouts

Before you think that sprouts are not tasty to eat then you may actually want to rethink about it.

image source: puregoodness.net

If you cook them well with proper spices and ingredients, sprouts can actually taste pretty good.

7. Egg Sandwiches

If you are an egg lover than boil them and put them between the Wheat bread and tada, a tasty likable snack is ready.

Egg Sandwiches

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