6 Real Life Love Stories From Humans OF Bombay That Bollywood Can Make A Movie on

It’s undeniable that we flourish with Bollywood in this nation – and particularly in the city of Mumbai. In any case, what a large number of us neglect to acknowledge is that the best stories originate from the general population amongst us: the general population we stroll past in the city without taking a gander at twice or the general population we see verging on consistently yet don’t take the risk to become more acquainted with. Which is precisely why we adore the Facebook page Humans of Bombay – it demonstrates over and over that the greatest stories originate from the unlikeliest of spots. What’s more, my most loved stories are, without a doubt, the adoration stories. Here are six that will demonstrate to you that genuine romance truly exists past the motion pictures:

What ‘Togetherness’ Actually Means

"To me she was an angel. I've never known anyone to be as kind and loving as her…she made my house a home and gave me…

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Love Is All About Small Moments

"When I was 14, I was arrested 2 or 3 times for being a part of the Prabhat Pheris during Pre – Independence. We've been…

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Sometimes, Words Are Not Needed To Express Love

“I first met him when as a young girl my friends and I used to go to play in his building. Everyone found him really…

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This Is Actually A Perfect ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Tale

"We used to work in the same office around 35 years ago and at that time there were only 2 single women in the whole…

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Love Is Lot More Than Expensive Gifts

"After my daughter passed away a few years ago, I was very upset for a long time. I wasn't working back then, so the…

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Love Is All About Growing Together

"When we were in the 4th standard, we were playing this game called dictionary, where we had to guess the word of the…

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Which is your most favorite of them? Did we miss any? Let us know in comments below!


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