6 food items to relish during monsoon

Monsoon is almost here. Rainy season might not be our favorite due to water logging and interrupted transport, but we can’t deny the fact that it is our most favorite season when it comes to food. Here are 6 food items that are best relished during monsoon.

Garma Garam Chai


Be it hot tea, masala tea or cutting chai, nothing can be compared to having tea in the balcony with clouds pouring outside. Not only it makes us comfortable, but also releases our stress instantly.



Aren’t pakodas the most desired delicacies in Monsoon? Pair it with masala chai over a conversation with friend on a rainy evening to make the most of this season

Hot soup


Hot tomato soup, vegetable soup or a manchow soup, any warm soup makes the best food item during rainy season

Vada Pav

vada pav

The national food of Mumbai is the best item to eat during monsoon. Have a piping hot vada pav with tea on a cold rainy day

Chole Bhature

chole bhature

The hot Chole Bhature can bring water in anyone’s mouth on a rainy day.Crsipy Bhature and spicy chole is sure to deliver a stomach full of happiness



Corn aka Butta is the life savior during monsoons. Eat it at home or at a stall with friends, a hot butta with a pinch of salt and lemon is all you need on a rainy evening.

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