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6 Coolest Passport in the World !!

Passport is the most important travel document issued by a country’s government certifying the identity and nationality of a person for international travel. The fact that passport designs are created in a such a way that it is difficult to fake them doesn’t stop the governments from being artistic. Following are the countries whose passports depict how awesome their country is.


The Australian passport makes use of images created by Australian artists of Australia’s natural treasures like the Australia’s landscapes ,flora and fauna and work of art such as  Yumari. The passport  is not only aesthetically beautiful but also is extremely difficult to falsify because of its unique design.


Source : abc.net.au


The Norwegians have gone a step ahead by displaying the stunning Northern lights or Aurora Borealis on the passport. Similar to the Northern Lights which are visible only when the sky is dark, the image on the passport is visible only when it is exposed to UV light.

Norway 1 Norway

 Norwegian Passport

Source : imgur.com


The Chinese passport is a good competition to the Norwegian passport. Similar to the passport of Norway, the Chinese passport  have  different  images of significance , which brighten up on the exposure to UV lights.

China 1



Source : interaksyon.com

4. UK

Some of the best designs are found on the passports issued by the UK government. They are designed under the theme ‘Creative United Kingdom ‘ . The new designs are launched every five years  with updated security and anti forgery features.


Shakespeare’s Globe theatre in London .

UK 1

John Harrison inventor of marine chronometer.

Source : guardian.com

5. Canada

The Canadian passport lights up to display a myriad colours when exposed to black light. It looks like any regular travel document from outside but what’s hidden as a secret is the beauty of the Niagara Falls,   Fathers of  Confederation ,Parliament Hill and many more.


Source : mashable.com

Canadian 1

Don’t  they make you feel like a Canadian Sherlock Holmes ?


6. Philippines

This Tamper proof piece of art features the Philippine Eagle , wings of Philippine cockatoo and a variety of other famous landmarks .


Philippines 1

Source : news.abs-cbn.com

What a wonderful blend of art and technology !



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