5 Reasons We’re Convinced Shahid Kapoor Is An AMAZING Husband!!

After his marriage to Mira Rajput, our love for Shahid has actually managed to increase. We don’t know how, but we do know WHY?.

Here are some reasons we’re sure Shahid is an amazing husband!

1. He says some really touching things about Mira.

“She made this year totally worth it.”


2. And sometimes he doesn’t even need any words.

They look adorable enough together to convince us!

 Shahid 2

3. They celebrate all the important stuff together.

The wins, the successes and, of course, the birthdays!

Shahid 3


4. He makes sure she’s in the selfie even if he crops himself out.

THAT is true love.

 Shahid 4

5. Their festival celebrations can be simple but never apart!

Shahid 5

These are GOALS, guys!

Image Source- Instagram

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