5 Healthy Summer Foods That You Should Add In Your Diet Right Away

It’s that of the year again! Sun dancing upon us, urge to grab some fresh fruits and juices, taking a shift in our diet to stay healthy and protective of the scorching heat. While you are all decked up to prepare your summer diet, here are 5 summer foods that you just shouldn’t miss. Check it out to know why!

1. Corn


Summer and fresh sweet corn go hand in hand. And BTW, did you know that two antioxidants- lutein and zeaxanthin- present in corn are like the natural sunglasses filtering out some of the sun;s damaging rays? These antioxidants may also help lower your risk of developing age- related macular degeneration.

2. Iced Coffee


Summer is all about staying cool and what better than having a cup of iced coffee every morning? And why? Because a cup of iced coffee every morning lowers the risk of skin cancer.

3. Tomatoes


Undoubtedly, sunscreen needs to be first thing to be put in bag in summers to prevent your skin from those harmful sun rays. But, did you know that eating tomatoes could give you that extra protection? Consuming tomatoes means consuming lycopene, that automatically protects your skin from sunlight. So don’t forget to eat a lot of tomatoes this summer.

4. Watermelon


Are you wondering which fruit does the maximum wonders in Summer? Look no where and go buy some fresh watermelons. Not only it keeps your body cool, but also it keeps your body satisfied on fewer calories as it is full of water. So why drink water when you can eat it?

5. Cherries


Cherries are a bundle full of health benefits. The compounds in the tart cherries help you to become lean and reduce the calories. How? The anthocyanins in tart cherries activate a molecule that helps rev up fat burning and decrease fat storage. So this summer, don’t afford to miss a bowl full of cherries.

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