3 batsmen who could be match-winners for their teams


IPL 2019 is in the record books, and while it did give cricket fans a moment to cherish the gentleman’s game, the world is now focused on ICC World Cup 2019. The quadrennial event will have 10 teams from the world over compete for the richest prize in the sport. With England and Wales as the host of this year’s event, there will be a lot to test and see for the players from all countries.

The format of the game changes this year, as all teams will compete with one another only once during the event and the top four would qualify for the semi-finals. In an attempt to make their way to the semis, the teams need to have some extraordinary performers.

With that in mind, let’s look at top 3 performers before the tournament commences:

#1 Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli heads the Men In Blue as they make their way to the biggest cricketing event. With an overall track record of 10,843 runs in 227 ODI matches at an average close to 60, the Indian skipper is always good with the bat on the ground at the crease. This year alone the Indian run machine has scored 611 runs in 11 ODI matches with 3 centuries to his credit.

It is his skill with the bat that sets him apart from the ones in this list. He would be the batsman to look out for during India’s performance in the World Cup.

#2 David Warner

There are times when a cricketer takes some time out to regroup themselves and then come back with all guns blazing. David Warner does the same for the Australian side. The cricketer has not been on the field for the past year and is now making a comeback to the squad.

With a career record of 4343 runs in 106 ODI matches, the cricketer is a nightmare for bowlers as he can tear apart bowling attacks with his performance through the bat. His ability to take out competition was displayed to perfection during IPL, and he would be the cricketer to watch out for during Australia’s journey in the World Cup.

#3 Hashim Amla

Proteas have the best cricketer in their squad in Hashim Amla. A cricketer par excellence, Hashim Amla has scored 7910 runs in 174 ODI matches and was the fastest to reach 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7000 ODI runs.

As a member of the most appreciated and decorated squad, Hashim would have to get his form in order, which has been his biggest challenge. His work in England has always been of top notch, and if South Africa has to advance to the semis or become the champion for the first time, he is the key.

While the list may change when the tournament commences, as of this moment these three are the topmost performers and must be watched out for on the field.

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