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19 Beauty Trends From 2017 That We’ll Cringe About Later

With all the hype around fashion trends and beauty hacks nowadays, it’s not shocking that there are a few things that we should need to rethink. There were thigh cosmetics and nose hair expansions. That is to say, the first question that struck my mind was ‘Why?!’. However, on the other hand, what do I think about makeup and beauty trends? Anyway, today I have collected a list of most bizarre beauty trends from 2017.

Nose Hair Extension


Woah. Wasn’t there a time when individuals really trimmed nose hair?

Fur Nails


It looks so terrible! Take it back. No. Just nope.

Thigh Makeup


Since the other body parts weren’t enough and we want to draw some cosmetics on the body parts which are not even visible!

Wavy Makeup


Cannot be unseen! Click on the next page read more.

Caviar Lips


I’m kinda speechless about this one. Agree, I got one – How would you eat?

Hair Nails


My hand feels lonely otherwise.

Glitter Booty


It will take so long to design it! But I will do it?

Barbed Brows


More ways to do something to your eyebrows. Click on the next page read more.

Neon Eyeliner


What are you going play hide and seek in the dark??

Corset Braid


Supposing what to do with your hair? Here’s an alternative.

Penis Eye Makeup


Umm, okay? How is this even a trend?

McDonalds Brows


Do you love McDonald’s? We know only the thing for you… Click on the next page read more.

Crown Brows


How can someone do that?

Meme Makeup


Okay, I am loving this!

Feather Eyebrows


Such a significant number of thoughts to look over. Eyebrows, be prepared!

Fake Freckles


Are these real?? Click on the next page read more.

Lollipop Lips


Ok, now I have a name for ‘I am clumsy and I smudged my lipstick everywhere on my lip line.’

Glitter Boobs


Did somebody say glitter body art? Hell yeah.

Carved Eyebrows


Can I wash them, please??

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