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16 Examples Of Crazy Service At The Restaurant/Stores-It’s Infuriating!


Whenever you got to a restaurant you expect delicious food, decent ambiance, and great service! But at some restaurant asking for the trio is just too much! Well, let’s look over the crazy services that will make you raise a question-Why?

1. I love Pizza, But…


Just look at the Pizza was cut! I hope he didn’t leave out a tip!

2. Food deconstructed


It’s deconstructed spaghetti. For the love of God, I would have walked out.

3. Cesar salad for $16


The person who posted this went to a “concept restaurant”. So, the weird is the new normal for them.

4. Sounds logical but no!


We know that the pores are not enough to get it out but storing it in the form of sachets is illogical.

5. Ketchup in the shaker!


That must be some sort of health code violation.

6. At Sneaker store


You can’t hide the truth!

7. Ruined burger!


Big thanks to the restaurant for trying to be fancy and put sauce on the outside of the bun.

8. Delivery fail!


This is the hot mess ordered by Taco Bell which is cold as anyone’s heart.

9. Has packaging gone wrong?


One of the customers found it crazy that would a company layout a big packaging for a small battery. But this is a lithium battery and they can explode.

10. So much plastic!


Plot Twist: Buns are made out of plastic.

11. Receipt at the restaurant


Services are included but not included! Wow.

12. Local Restuarant was going “Straw free”


Well, paper straws are awful.

13. Just a design.


This is a crappy design of the plate. It already looks dirty.

14. The dripping candle wax


I can’t tell if that’s the coolest thing… or the most disgusting thing.

15. Thanks for the sticker


“We only use organic citrons!”

16. Oxford dictionary.


Why aren’t the top rows in both column not aligned to the top? There are a lot more horrible things going on with this menu.

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