15 Things Most Men Fail To Understand About Women

Can You Hold This For Me? That’s all Men Hear


This is a very important note for the clothing brands and the men as well. Be the courteous one and hold that phone, please…

Keep It With You Guys! It Is Not A Trophy To Show Off


That is something we all need to agree with.

Male BFF Is A Thing Guys


This is another hard to swallow pill for every other guy out there.

Be A Good Listener And You Are Golden


Being a good listener and not being the hero every time will help you go high up the ranks

This Hashtag Is Revealing Secrets Which, Indiana Jones Could Not Have Known


This information looks fake but is in fact very real!

This Is A Very Important Note For All Of Us!


This fact is indeed revealing for every one of the single guys out there.

Beware Of A Fake Geek


Being a geek girl is very fascinating, imagine the endless discussions over the favorite villain.

What Do Guys Think About Makeup


Makeup or no makeup the girls look pretty regardless

We Know It Hurts But It’s Probably For The Best


There’s another girl waiting for you guys, There’s plenty of fish out in the sea, Stop obsessing over that distant salmon…

We All Know Your Ears Turn Deaf When You Are Asked To Do Something


Do the help guys before it turns into an Avenger’s level threat

But It Smells So Good!


Just get yourself another bottle of it, stop using her’s okay?

You Look Good Is The Standard Answer Always


Even if you can’t suggest anything better or are a clueless guy, just nod and say it looks really good!

Probably We Got Nothing Else To Show Off


Okay! We’ll try to remember this…

The Best Spy Agency Out There In The World


It’s the network of BFFs and the ladies union spying on you 24×7, She knows you are not sick and you are having fun with the boys in the bar…

This Is So True, I Have Witnessed It Myself


Get her to be your wingwoman and trust me your success rate will go from 0% to 100%

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