15 Hilarious Things You Know, But You Never Talk About!


Is it a Microsoft fail?


This is one of the most annoying thing working on Microsoft World. The only place where small changes make a bigger difference instantly!

You son of b*tch


This is experienced at least by people who use the computer. Answering all security questions is just pain in fingers and of course mind.

Why are you late?


That’s better than me. At least he showered. I’d be more like not even out of the bed, delaying the inevitable.

Most of the time!


Yes, I have got this feeling about a few of my acquaintances. I’d rather not to get angry, so I usually avoid these people.

Sometimes I hate this feeling!


It’s like why did I wake up three minutes earlier and if you sleep again you won’t wake earlier then an hour. But sometimes you embrace your three minutes and go to sleep.

Singing Sh*t for eternal life!


Oh, I do it a lot. Sometimes I have to double check because I think the lyrics might be wrong because my version makes more sense to me.

Me, every time!


When I’m back to reality, people say welcome back. And I’m like welcome back to suffering, pain, and what all!

Been there!


Murphy’s law. It’s always the wrong line, no matter where you stand.

Drake meme!


Well, I guess that is part of the game, isn’t it? Someone offers, the other rejects, another offer, still rejecting, but less insistently, another offer with pleading, taking the money and asking for some more.

Please don’t think about that!


I know that feeling. I usually try to think of something else as quickly as possible and try to get rid of that awkward thought.

I feel sorry for you!


The evil mind wakes up in the elevator. I admire the movie scenes when the couple makes out and act naturally as they come out!

This happens with me every time!


But I’m like as he is headless, he can’t see me. So that’s no threat sign and I go back to sleep!



Me: Don’t eavesdrop on what others are talking. And also Me: I’m bored, the battery is low. Let’s hear what they’re talking about!

Why do you retrieve your phone from the pocket?


I get the phone out to ignore some people or to avoid awkward situations with the stranger!

I don’t want to buy this item!


If you don’t know, who’s the guy above…He’s Dr. Goodluck E. Jonathan (GCFR) the former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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