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14 People Who Took The Things Too Literally-They’re Just Too Wise For The World!


Taking things seriously in our life is important but taking it too seriously can infuriate the opposite person! Well, let’s look over the 14 people who took things took the things literally in their life!

1. Literally getting a copy of passport!


The guy asked his employee a copy of the passport!

2. Asked the guy to half peel the potatoes in the bag!


To be fair, she did follow your instructions…

3. A wise person!


The guy is too voice for the world.

4. A sponge cake!


I think it’s just a prank or someone stupid person behind it!

5. “Unconventional Christmas tree”


“My mom asked my dad to a get an “unconventional” tree that she “didn’t have to decorate”. Dad delivered.”

6. Spelling your name in coffee shops


You need to chill and just forgot about the name in coffee shops.

7. Oh my goodness!


When you take the patty off your burger for snap chat popularity…

8. Nokia: Connecting With Food


She asked his grandpa to keep the phone with rice as it was wet and her grandpa cooked it with rice!

9. Brand taking things seriously


News is at your altar!

10. Everything is about perspective


8 is glasses 6 is a broken pair of glasses. 6 is a broken 8

11. Stupidiest people!


“This company asked what we would like on a sign to commemorate our day trip. My friend replied with ‘Whatever you decide is great.’ They took it literally. It does sort of make quite an inspirational quote!”

12. Taking it literally


Miracles can happen, right?

13. Smoke shop


At least they can’t be sued for false adverting.

14. Do you know what does it mean?


This is my friend’s tattoo. When asked “What does that mean?” He replies, “I don’t know, I don’t speak Chinese.” That is literally what it means.

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