13 People Who Are Having A Worse Monday Than You Are

Nobody likes Mondays. Nothing against the day as such. It’s just that Monday comes as a terribly rude shock after that bliss called the weekend. You have to drag yourself back to your office/school/college. Wanna know what’s the most irritating sound on the planet? The sound of an alarm clock going off on a Monday morning.

However, every cloud has a silver lining. There are people out there who’re having a wayyyyyyy worse Monday than you. Don’t believe us? Take a look yourself.

1. This kid, who was cruelly reminded that it’s Monday.

2. This dude, who couldn’t hope for a worse start to the week.

Source: Erica Vickers

3. This guy, who thought they were giving chocolates in office to make them feel better on Monday…

Source: Penizpizza

…But soon realized it was a bar of soap.


4. Imagine going to office on Monday like this.

Source: Rumour news

5. This guy, for whom the beginning of the week might be the end.

6. These brothers, for whom there’s nothing joyous about Monday.

Source: WP Anytime

7. “Why are you late?”

    “Well, you won’t believe what happened.”

Source: Kevin Morris

8. This guy who went to take a shower on a sad Monday morning and found an unexpected shower buddy.

Source: Daily Mail

9. This poor constable who has to ‘shoulder’ a lot of responsibility at the beginning of the week itself.

Source: addmyfoto

10. Ek toh Monday. Upar se baithne ke liye kursi bhi nahin! Hey bhagwan, yeh kaisi pareeksha le raha hai tu? 


Source: TMKTC


11. This guy, whose Monday is a complete mess.


12. This teacher who has no idea what surprises Monday has in store for him.


Source: ayblog


13. This cop who’s getting a g**nd mein danda.

Source: ViralRoot

Doosron ka dard dekh ke, apna dard kam lagta hai doston.


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