12 Unexpected And Hilarious Greeting Cards That Will Amaze You When You Open Them

We have collected some of the most unexpected greeting cards, proving there’s still hope to congratulate people with style.

1. I have nothing to write


Hehe! When it comes to writing cards or letters I SUCK at it. If your birthday is coming up, expect a card that says “happy birthday! May all your dreams come true” or a slightly changed variation of it.

2. You Tree Killer


Isn’t the person who bought the card, the tree killer?

3. This is funny now.


His friend is very Cruel!

4. Folders! Folders!!


When u forget a present…just give them this card.

5. Happy Father’s Day!


hehe! Good enough reason to be proud of your child.

6. Gray


Ohh, Poor soul! You are getting old.

7. Perfect Partner


Awwwwww! How cute!

8. Perfect Relationship


This can almost turn hilarious if you’re a couple living together and sharing the bed together.

9. OMG!


Yes, this can definitely be more shocking than “boo”.

10. Foodie People


Something every parent would give! Kidding!

11. Adorable One


Someone reads it without opening it and then screams I NEVER LIKED YOU ANYWAY and they get broken up for real. Or they just laugh!

12. Money Inside!


But it has a cat on it, so I’d be fine with it!

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