11 Crazy Inventions That Will Make You Make You Go #SMH


You won’t forget your meds!


This bottle keeps your capsules/medicines in a capsule-shaped attached to the cap. This one is designed by Yanko Design. Well, isn’t this cool?

Fresh Pizza in three minutes!


Pizza Vending machine. That’s great. But someone making Pizza for you is just another satisfaction. I’m talking about a human being.

Don’t walk!


I think this is only for children. I don’t know the exact location. Actually coming done is easy. If there is something that goes up. I’m not talking about the elevator. Just something more fun to go!

Magnifying glass on the cart!


Nowadays, the cart comes up coffee holders or phone holders too. Shopping has become more fun now. The magnifying glass will help you to know about nutritional facts!

Save water initiative!


Japenese have always outdone everyone in terms of innovation. They also got soundboard to cover the noise, ass washer, and all the stuff just by buttons!

This is really cool!


It’s easy for people to know, who is the one that needs to get out of the lift/elevator.

Am I dreaming?


Okay, I saw it on Reddit and this one was out like 4-5 years ago. I guess I’m living in the past. But hoodie with an earphone is still cool.

This is for the modern world!


This will avoid people to remove the whole glove to unlock your phone or to text someone back!

Clever idea and simple design!


Most of the times, you keep your matchbox anywhere. And the next time you search when it’s a power cut, it becomes difficult for you to search the matchbox. This design is a savior.

The needles are pre-threaded!


But it might be expensive to buy the set. You can simply use one needle and many of the threads. This one is for the lazy ones!

Time saver?


There’s a soap, water, and hand dryer on one basin! There’s’ no doubt it is fantastic. It will save a considerable amount of time!

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