Virat shines On the field & off the field.

At the point when Virat Kohli wins us the match, Anushka Sharma gets trolled! At the point when Virat fails to meet expectations, Anushka gets every one of the misuse!

At the point when Yuvraj Singh wins us the match, we don’t send bundles of sweet to his home, yet when he fails to meet expectations, stones are pelted at Yuvi’s home!

Awesome going! What’s more, we call ourselves ‘instructed’? Is this an indication of a superior and dynamic culture?


Virat Kohli certainly merits the more prominent lump of credits for guiding group India’s way to the semi-finals of T20 Cricket World Cup 2016 overcoming Australia by 6 wickets. What’s more, not surprisingly, Kohli’s masterclass innings of 82 keeps running off only 51 balls saw one segment of cricket fan going gaga adulating him. Obviously, such events call for festivity.

However, while one segment poured torrential slide of facebook status and tweets adulating Virat, another segment continued pummeling Anushka Sharma, Virat’s ex-lover, trolling her on online networking. Numerous cricket fans tweeted “expressing gratitude toward” her for ‘not aggravating’ the cricket star.

The spate of trolls Anushka confronted after Sunday’s match, constrained Virat Kohli to stand up with all due respect. Marking this occurrence to be disgraceful, Virat posted on Twitter and Instagram saying,

Shame on those people who have been having a go at anushka for the longest time and connecting every negative thing to her. Shame on those people calling themselves educated. Shame on blaming and making fun of her when she has no control over what i do with my sport. If anything she has only motivated and given me more positivity. This was long time coming. Shame on these people that hide and take a dig. And i dont need any respect for this post. Have some compassion and respect her. Think of how your sister or girlfriend or wife would feel if someone trolled them and very conveniently rubbished them in public. #nocompassion #nocommonsense


This not the first time that Anushka Sharma was trolled for Virat Kohli. She was also targeted on social media last year after Kohli’s poor performance in thje World Cup matches.


While in other news, dna posted this which doesn’t make any sense.

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