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10 Ways Google Is Taking Over Your Digital Life

It seems that every time I turn around, Google is introducing something new. How many of these Google products are you using to manage your digital life?



  • Google Search – Yes, this one is the most obvious, but really, how many of you “Bing” or “Yahoo” something? That’s what I thought.
  • Gmail – Another pretty obvious one, but I’m willing to bet that if you’d have asked your employer five years ago what they’d be using for an email client, I can almost guarantee that a Google product would’ve been the furthest thing from their mind.
  • Google Drive – This encompasses Google Docs (which I’m using to write this right now) as well as the cloud storage side. Would you have thought 5 years ago that internet connections would be as widespread and reliable (and only getting better) as they are now? I sure wouldn’t have trusted it to store and work on documents that I actually care about.
  • Calendar – What’s a datebook? Or even an assignment notebook for that matter (for you students out there). When I used a paper-based schedule/task/assignment book I would always forget to check it to make sure I was where I was supposed to be, doing what I was supposed to do. Now I get an email and push notification to make sure I’m getting my stuff done.
  • Google+ – Say what you will about Google’s social network endeavor, I’m actually using it. A year ago, I would’ve said G+ was on the way out, but it’s now the glue that holds all of Google’s various product offerings together. It’s nearly impossible to be totally separate from G+ if you use any Google product.
  • Picasa – This lightweight photo-editing tool is an excellent way to make basic edits and corrections to digital photos, as well as providing a way to organize them. The latest version has Google+ tightly integrated.
  • YouTube – When it comes to sharing that cute video of that thing your cat/dog/child just did, where do you go to host and share it? Yep, another fine Google product.
  • Android – With a 52% market share, the smartphone operating system is nothing to trifle with. It’s already difficult to imagine a world without smartphones, and Google’s OS has come a long way since its introduction in 2008.
  • Maps – Seriously, if you’re not an iPhone user, do you even use anything else but Google Maps? I remember the heyday of MapQuest, but they just don’t compare to the awesomeness that is Google Maps.
  • Glass – This one hasn’t taken our lives yet, but one year from now, I think we’ll have an idea of whether this wearable device is a useful piece of engineering or if it is simply the newest version of the ‘bluetooth douche’.



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