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10 Smart Ass Kids Who Will Be Going Places

Kids. Some are smarter than others. But sometimes the kids that are considered the least smart are actually the smartest of all. Take a look at this list compiled to see what we mean. Are any of the answers you can see below correct?

1. Bob Has 36 Candy Bars


If we see the answer you can totally agree that the answer is somewhat right about according to the teacher that answer was wrong. You go kid.

2. Something Brilliant


That answer must have left the teacher amused. Don’t you think so? I totally feel this kid thinks to the next level. Don’t miss out on other humourous answers which these smart kids wrote click on next.

3. Self Motivation


If you were ever told to create a problem and you should have a solution too, you will think before and then act. But This kid right here is self-motivated and can deal with things.

4. Smarter Than All Of Us? Yes He Is


This kid has already learned about the survival skills. I don’t know but he’s going to be the next Bear Grylls.

5. A Sentimental Kid


I think this kid has a soft corner for pets that’s why he changed the whole statement about hitting the dog.

6. A 3X5 Notecard


This was a totally insane lesson to a teacher who just mentioned about a notecard of length 3×5 and a student showed up with this. He had no other option but allow this student in the exam.

7. Taxonomy


This kid has taken the real-life lessons and the society very seriously and wrote an answer what a teacher never expects from a kid.

8. The Realist Kid


Well, this is something you cannot imagine your child writing or drawing. But if we see it through humour then it’s something next level.

9. You Can’t Deny That


This thing which nobody can deny was written by a kid. Can you imagine how talented is that kid and how will be when all grown up?

10. This Kid Is Surely Going Places


This kid is surely going places. Being a kid and thinking in this way means he has a mind which can totally imagine things which nobody of his age can.

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