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10 Kinds Of People Who Haven’t Watched Game Of Throne As Of Yet

It’s Game of Thrones season and everybody’s as happy as the villagers ofChampaner were when it finally rained in Lagaan. Also, people are carrying weapons in stealth, in case, they need to stab anyone who blabbers out spoilers. A major section of the working class have seriously considered producing a mass signed petition demanding a national holiday on the occasion of the Season 6 release.

Amidst all that GoT madness, you wouldn’t believe, there are people, and not even remote tribal but city dwellers, who are yet to watch a single episode of the epic series. Let’s find out who these people are!

1. People with no regard for social skills

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The men and women who have long given up on their efforts to remain palatable with the society are the ones who haven’t watched GoT. They have absolutely no problems zoning out of the group whenever the topic of conversions drift to GoT.

They’re happy looking out of the window, thinking about cat food they have to buy on their way back home to a dozen felines which is basically their family now.


2. People with no fast friends

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If you want fast friends, you need to be updated with the trends in popular culture. Nobody cares about Kejriwal’s odd-even policies when you are out with your friends at a plush, uber-cool Mumbai joint. If you don’t want your new cool friends to drop you off their next plan, make sure you have a well though out, articulate and opinion regarding incestual love which you can profess while sipping your mohito.

However, those who don’t know why it is important to have an opinion on such a taboo topic are clearly one of those who aren’t watching GoT.


3. People with awesome friends

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“Fuck the Game of Thrones” – if you want to say that out loud, you better be in a safe situation. People with an awesome set of friends, who have a blazing history together and don’t rely on popular culture and the entertainment industry for a common thread that binds their peer group together don’t give a rat’s ass about GoT.


4. People who have been living under a rock

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Obviously, it is a metaphorical rock that keeps you oblivious to whatever is cool and hip around you. Since people who have their hands full 24×7, trying to earn a living, paying bills and taking care of their folks are the ones considered living under a rock because of their utter ignorance of pop culture, they easily find their way into our list of abominations who aren’t watching the great GoT.


5. Baas, Bahus and Bhabis

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The Baas, the Bahus and the Bhabis of India couldn’t care any less if John Snow ever made a comeback. It’s Abhi and Pragya’s romantic night in Kumkum Bhagya for God’s sake and everybody’s waiting to see if the two would kiss as they had been locking there eyes for the last 10 minutes on the last episode. Do you think the rampant sex and nakedness of GoT interests these Indian women? Hell, no!


6. People who like their favorite characters like Baa – sanskari and immortal

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That’s what is lovely about being a Baa fan. She doesn’t stab people at the back, doesn’t throw children off cliffs, doesn’t engage in meaningless sodomy, lives her life like a harmless saccharin and lives as long as you want her to. On the other hand, you start liking a character a bit and the next thing you know Tolkien decides kill that guy.

Some people who are tired of this shit and aren’t watching GoT anymore solely for this reason.


7. Rip Van Winkle

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Well, he will be sleeping for the next twenty years so you can count him as one more douche who doesn’t watch GoT. By the time he starts watching the reruns and get all excited, everyone else will be like, “meh”.


8. People who want their innocence intact

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Anybody who wants to keep his faith in the concept of benevolent God wouldn’t watch the Game of Thrones. If there’s something that this incredibly well depicted fantasy saga talks about, it is the fact that good things don’t always good people – the world is cruel, unfair and so are we, deep down inside. To take that blow and gulp it down and that too from a series is not something everybody’s prepared for.


9. People who want don’t understand what #GoT means

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There are people who are waiting for you to pounce on your when you by mistake write “your” when you should have written “you’re”. Then there are the non GoT watching section of the Grammar Nazis who have spent time trying to educate people about complete and incomplete verb and their usage who’d write #GoT!

After asking “got what?” too many times they never found the answer because they never had, or never will watch the Game of Thrones.


10. Peter Dinklage

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Since, Peter Dinklage is too bad-ass to watch his own shows, Tyrion Lannister finds his way into the list of people who aren’t watching GoT this season. Ask him why he doesn’t watch the show and he replies, “I don’t have HBO“.

Be good to these people because India is a tolerant nation.

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