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10 Hilarious Wedding Fails Their Guests Will Never Forget!

Wedding fever is totally on lately. While everyone desires for the perfect wedding function sometimes things don’t precisely as we planned. #WeddingFails is one of Jimmy Fallon’s unbelievable hashtag challenge and it has got an amazing response with individuals sharing their cringe-worthy and silly encounters. Here is a list of epic wedding fails to set you crazy…

The moment captured perfectly!


I love how the majority of the party looks so concerned–yet there are at least two people still smiling. But a perfect moment to be captured indeed.

He skipped a beat!


That one tough moment when the priest asks ‘any objections’ and someone gets up, the groom literally skips a heartbeat, terrifying moment for him.

That’s some sneaky kid!


Turns out she found the supply room of unused banquet tables, crawled into the middle of them and hid under the lot. Said she was sure the DJ and all others were trying to ‘trick’ her to give up…..clearly, she was too *clever* for that!

When you get into the wrong church!


That’s what happens when you don’t go to rehearsal, wrong date? Wow. A marriage made in heaven. Groom Switch. Now in theatres. Starring Eva Mendez, Will Smith, and Adam Sandler. For more hilarious wedding fails read on Next Page…

Now that’s a deal!


When your dad is more happy to let you go, it’s obvious that he made a good deal with your wife and now he gonna enjoy spend that while you wash dishes at her place! Classic dad jokes!

When football is life!


First things first, as the British say. Well if he’s paying for the wedding then at least let him watch TV!

That’s true love!


Good dry run for the rest of the marriage. Wonder why he was having trouble getting through his vows? Must’ve been super happy or just confused. For more amazing and super funny wedding fails, read on Next Page…

Though he’d never come back!


How you someone get themselves locked in the bathroom at his own wedding? I cannot imagine what your mom would have thought if he hadn’t shown up on time…

Why Thanos? Why would you take her?


At the wedding when you suddenly get attacked by a pile of birdseed, the worst case scenario that must be the guy’s ex who hates the bride!

That’s one savage grandma!


Grandma had to walk down the rest of the aisle alone afterward. Alzheimer’s can be a real pain not just for grandma but for Ashley too.

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