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10 Hilarious Badass People Who Decided To Go Against The Odds!

There are smart people everywhere in the world and if at all you were wondering to get a solution to a problem on the internet you have got it under control. The internet is full of people who might make you question your mental ability for once. Here is a list of legendary people who have beaten the odds and made us laugh. Read the article to know more…

When you break your own intelligence level!


Your mother is a genius. I always just wedge them in there and end up preventing the plate from spinning. The knowledge of a mother knows no bounds.

When you kid decides to write his mind out!


Why give your kids coloring books when you can put them in a box and save your wall from a creative disaster!

When iPad is a must!


“iPad stations” instantly make any boring part of your apartment less boring. Now I watch tv and movies in the shower and listen to Pandora

When you need a ceiling fan but can’t afford one!


Looks like somebody really wanted a ceiling fan. American education at it’s finest, This is how fan death works. For more amazing funny pictures, read on Next Page…

A dream package!


Then you reach that vital turning point where you have to decide on eating the rest of the cookies or dealing with sour milk. You keeping pouring milk and eating cookies until you are utterly ashamed of yourself, and then you drink the delicious cookie milk to ease the pain.

That’s how ‘My Space . com’ started!


I think this could possibly be a genius invention for some people on the autism spectrum? Or just an innovative way to avoid creepy people on the train!

When you take recycling too seriously!


I use a bed and breakfast tray myself: An additional bonus of being easier to transport a laptop and accessories around for short distances. For more read on Next Page…

When you are on a diet and allowed to eat just one oreo!


When you are on an extreme weight loss diet and following strictly, but then you decide to eat just ‘one oreo’.

When you are an engineer but don’t have a job!


When you are out of toilet paper but ain’t done shitting. You gotta waste your time, right?

When your mom is an alcoholic and you are not 18!


When you gotta party at your house and you go to buy booze, but you are not an adult remember!? Oh, wait isn’t my mom an alcoholic!?

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