10 Funny Salman Tweets That You Must Read For Your Daily Dose Of Entertainment.


I used to think Twitter was for the “Know-it-Alls”.  With people ranting over every rain-fed puddle, assessing celebrity assets and basically pitching in political propaganda in the name of public spirit in addition to the Trends changing every hour a day, what is one account you are supposed to follow ?

Well, I won’t lie, Twitter may seem like a lot of work.  But then I realised that it doesn’t have to be! If you pick the right folks to follow, the whole thing can be fun. Everyone loves a good joke!


Here you go, some BHAI tweets for you !!

1.Everyone is Happy for his FIRST tweet.


2. He is playing games with us Well, dont think much.


3.And sometimes he plays KBC with you !!



4.He acts like doctor too on TWITTER.


5. At times he goes Berserk !!



6. He always think and then execute. LOL !!



7.He supports SHAH RUKH Khan but in his own Bhai-way !! Hahaha…



8. He actually translates few tweets for his fans.


9. At times he answer HIMSELF on TWITTER.


10. Bhai ke tweets ko Samajhne ki Koshish mat karna, BuzzItup pe aate hai Samajhn mein NAHI !!




Image Source-SALMAN KHAN Do follow People !!

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