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10 Celebs Who Were Almost Aborted And We Have No Clue

Here is a list of celebs who had nearly been aborted, however luckily weren’t. They had been sufficiently fortunate to live and rise up to fame, and we have been enough fortunate to witness them! While premature births are somewhat similar with regrets, we are happy to the point that parents of these well-known identities did not jump into the guilt of one. This is difficult to accept, yet these celebs battled their destiny and are here, living their much-desired lives.

1. Tim Tebow


Tim’s mom was facing a life-threatening disease when she was pregnant with him. Specialists cautioned her of losing her life if at all she proceeded with her pregnancy. However, she believed in herself and gave birth to Tim.

2. Cher


American singer would not have been with us as her mother decided on an abortion. Georgia’s mother asked her to abort the baby or go back to her husband. She decided to go back and gave birth to Cher.

3. Nick Cannon


His mom was to settle on his premature birth, however luckily chose the other way. She brought forth the future R&B vocalist, Mr. Mariah Carey, America’s Got Talent host and we were more than upbeat.

4. Justin Beiber


At the point when his mom, Pattie Mallette got pregnant at an early age of 17, she was requested to choose abortion. However, she gave birth to Justin and here we have the rockstar ‘Child’ with us! Click Next.


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